I’ve been using pluckeye on my main machine for 4 weeks. The second biggest surprise to me is that I find the Internet largely more attractive without images or videos. Sure, some sites become downright ugly or unusable without images such as icons. But others that were formerly intolerable because of the obnoxious photographs on the side bar or below articles have now become just another website for me. I feel less like I’m in a grocery store surrounded by loud tabloids, and more like I’m on wikipedia. And it’s a pleasant surprise.

The biggest surprise to me in using pluckeye the last 4 weeks is that pluckeye is actually working for the most part — my browser doesn’t crash, my computer doesn’t freeze — it’s shocking. Well, actually, I can no longer print documents, but I almost never do that anyway, so that’s not a big deal for me. Granted, I’m the only pluckeye user in the world right now (that I know of), I know exactly how it works and how to alter my settings so I can still use https://github.com/ , and I personally am happy to accept the limitations my pluckeye settings impose (such as the current inability to search using https://google.com/. But even so, even though it’s only working for just one person in the world and that person knows it intimately, I still feel surprised that it’s working for him.